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Introduction to Short-term Rentals

30 Minute Consultation

What To Expect:

The Exploratory Session is a Q&A format for those exploring investment options, or experienced hosts needing brief guidance with specific questions.

You can expect a flexible meeting after which you will be able to immediately implement improvements to your listing(s) or leave with clarity on your potential investment in a short term rental.

Master Strategy

Personalized Master Session

1.5 Hour Consultation

What To Expect:

Prior to our meeting, you will have the opportunity to send a list of your questions and issues to which I will provide detailed answers during and/or after our session.

You can expect a structured but flexible meeting after which you will be able to immediately implement improvements to your listing(s).

Follow Up

Personalized Follow Up Conversation

30 Minute Consultation

What To Expect:

During this 30 minute consultation, I will provide customized advice for new issues or areas needing improvement or attention. *Completion of initial Master Session or Exploratory Session required to book Follow Up Session.

Increase Revenue

Get More Bookings

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“Unlocking the full potential of your property as a host or property owner requires a well-crafted strategy. With over 5 years of expertise, I’ve learned valuable lessons and strategies, helping me achieve Airbnb’s Superhost status 17 consecutive times while hosting over 5,000 guests. Whether you’re new to the world of vacation rentals or looking to enhance your existing listings, my passion lies in tailoring solutions to maximize your bookings and revenue.

By optimizing your property’s pricing strategy, enhancing its presentation, and fine-tuning your guest communication, I guarantee an immediate boost in profitability on your investment. I’ll guide you on how to make your listing stand out in the competitive Airbnb marketplace and skyrocket your bookings. Remember, it’s not just what you do, but how you do it that matters.

Before our scheduled meeting, you can share your inquiries or concerns. I’ll provide detailed answers and help devise tailored solutions. During our conversation, we’ll also address any spontaneous queries that may arise.

Don’t miss the opportunity to supercharge your vacation rental success. In less than 2 hours, I can equip you with strategies that will significantly increase your revenue. Let’s take a comprehensive look at your listings and processes, making recommendations that can immediately impact your search rankings, guest satisfaction, and, most importantly, your earnings.

Don’t wait; fill out the form below and book your session today to unlock the full potential of your vacation rental business!”


If by the end of the call you don’t feel like the information was helpful I’ll give you your money back. Just say so.

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